6 Weeks Beginners Cycle



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AUG  4th – SEP 8th

6:30pm – 8pm


We will focus on:
• On2 NYC Syllabus
• Open Shines
• Leader and Follower Drills
• Turns & spins
• Simple to Intermediate turn patterns
• Partnering Techniques
• Hips Movement
• Arms Styling
• Body Movement & Basic Afro Cuban Movement
• Posture & Presence

You will learn how to master your fundamentals in order to become a more advanced dancer in short time and feel comfortable on the dance floor.

The goal is to learn in a very relaxed fun atmosphere in order to take your dancing to the next level.

  • No partner necessary
  • This is NOT for the absolute beginner dancer.
  • Must have a basic knowledge in Salsa ON2 dancing


Will be send after registration.